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10 years of solid experience
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Our 10 Years

It’s been 10 years. 10 years that filled of ups and downs. A decade of commitment.

It’s been 10 years of experience, 10 years of development, a solid 10 years.

2019 is the 10th anniversary of InD’finity Design. The 10-year journey has not been easy.

With perseverance, confidence, concerted efforts and enthusiasm, we are moving towards our new goals.

Perseverance is often synonymous with success. What is perseverance? It means strong will, tenacity, persistence and patience. Perseverance is the perfect expression of willpower.

10 years of cultivation, 10 years of sweat, 10 years of achievement, as we look back into the past 10 years, we also look forward to the next more glorious and magnificent 10 years. To commemorate this special milestone, we present to you our plans for the next 10 years, in the most customer-rewarding way. 。

I believe that our wealth and good life bring with it a responsibility to give back to the society.

First, we vow to give back to our customers and realize the concept of ‘one home one dream’. The upgrade of conception on planning, design and build is pivoted on three major upgrades: the upgrade of service quality, the upgrade of lifestyle, and last but not least, the more profound aspect, the upgrade of the whole industry, and the pleasure of creating and owning a worry-free home that beautifies your life.

Second, we vow to give back to the society, give the orphanage in need a new interior design, and assist them realize the dream of having a heartwarming home. We’ll do our very best to achieve CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility).

In the past 10 years, InD’finity Design provided the two following added values to our customers in addition to interior design services.

The first is that the drawings, quotations, progress claims, and handover documents we provide are in accordance with ISO specifications, which indirectly urges us to do better and better.

The second added value is after-sales service. We offer our customers a 1-year after-sales quality assurance and certificate (terms and conditions apply) to offer them the greatest confidence. In other words, if you find a problem after you move in, we will follow up closely and solve it so that you can live comfortably.

We shall not be content with the current achievement, but rather use it as a basis to be prepared to take on any upcoming challenges at anytime.

In the past 10 years, our heart of gratitude walked with you.

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inD' giving to upgrade your lifestyle

Life of Giving of a Gracious Giver

Why do we give to charity? The purpose of giving to charity is to spread love, let more people in need feel love, warmth and happiness while encouraging more people to join the charity course at the same time. As long as everyone gives a little love, imagine the scale it can achieve and the quantity it can accumulate! The world can be even better. This, to us, is the purpose of giving to charity.

In the past few years, InD’finity Design has regularly given our donation to charity organizations. This year, as the company officially entered its 10th anniversary, we set a goal for ourselves - to help those in need with our very best. Our philosophy: even if you were not born lucky, you deserve having a heartwarming home. After checking on several charity organizations that need help, we finally chose the orphanage that is most in need.

Giving to charity is not just money, it is heart.

After five visits, we had full understanding of the orphanage, and started a series of professional design. With the space plan they need (and practicality factored in), and some of the design concepts that the kids like, the entire design was revamped. Next, we began to get some other kind-hearted companies to join our charity team.

When we’ve gathered a certain amount of wealth, and that basic necessities such as food and clothing are no longer an issue, what often comes to our mind is the thought of doing good deeds and charity work to help everyone. Because charity is human nature, specifically, charity stems from our nature to help. Mencius once said that everyone is born with good intentions. For example, when a child who plays near the well is about to fall into it, everyone will lend a helping hand. This is a behavior caused by the subconscious. Charity starts from sensibility and finally rationality. Sensual emotion is the driving force and the beginning of charity activities. Next, rational consciousness determines the direction of charity development.

To us at InD’finity, we’ve always believed that giving to charity is our own spiritual need, not for others. It’s in fact, the progress and improvement of our own spirit. In other words, charity is conducive to the harmony and stability of society.

We will spread love and let more people feel warm inside. “The roses in her hand, the flavor in mine”. When dedication becomes a habit, the human ecology will become a warm spring.