Modern And Fun Office Design

We have designed an open concept office , which covered with modern decoration, flexible and playful colours design, which is based on client’s working environment to create a relax, cheerful and a space full of inspiration. We created open ceiling to embrace the raw industry air ducting design for network at general
workstation Technology Company with hint of natural interest. Special open shelf cabinet database housing and job subdivisions, this design has reversed most people boring design technology office bringing freshness into technology office style. With unexpected surprise entrance done with collapsible grill to separate the office general call center office door & operate office department. We had hanged an eyes catchy fresh orange billboard at the main entrance to guide customer into office. The conference room wall designed with the star shape represented client’s company philosophy (Star Solution) and logo wall. It has consisting of transparent glass and has offer sense of privacy as well as when the light penetrate into the star, it has clearly show to the visitor Star Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd logo.

On the other wall of conference major feature abstracted graphic has let the user feel like being in the room of the universal galaxy, for work it has bringing endless creativity environment.