InD’finity Cares

Giving Back to the Community

As a caring corporate citizen, we always reach out to the community, giving them assurance of care. To Darren, business is not all about profit-making but also wisdom growth. Hence, he set up the InD’finity Welfare Foundation where “Gracious Giving, Our Way Of Life” leads the way to our success.

The Foundation helps raise funds via crowdfunding or sponsorship from other companies. Darren believes sharing is caring and by giving graciously, our wisdom and success grow together.

Some of the corporate social responsibility taken by InD’finity Design include our commitment to carry out maintenance and upgrading activities in welfare homes every year, advocating educational excellence through acceptance of students into our workforce, and educating the community on sustainable 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) green initiatives in their homes and properties by creating their very own Memory Wall with old family photos and more.

In short, caring for the community is now our way of life.

Moving Forward

The New Age of Interior Design

We always keep our fingers on the pulse, adapting and adopting to the new normal, and changing our game to stay relevant and innovative. As we move forward into the dynamic digital era, we are ready to be a trendsetter, and not a follower.

A new mobile apps is currently taking place to give Virtual Reality experience to customers to view and even involve in the process of interior design of their property. This ground breaking experience will change the way we deal in interior design.

An InD’finity Home Owners Club is also in the pipeline to enable our customers to communicate and even enjoy more privileges like our additional maintenance services, from repainting of home, curtain cleaning to extension of services and more. With a promising future ahead, “We Design. We Build. We Care” takes to new high - “We Conquer”!