Project Location: KUALA LUMPUR
Site Area (sq. ft.): 2,300
Completion Date: DECEMBER 2019
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Tucked amongst Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, a high living at one of Banyan Tree’s award-winning brands residence is the ultimate key of an urban sanctuary.

Amongst the suites attainable from the luxury Banyan Tree Residences, only one suite number is favoured; inheriting the charter with its interior helmed by dynamic and creative team of eleven years, inD’finity Interior.

Tailor-made for the individual who has achieved an affluent stature in life, this unit is undeniably an urbanite living made on cloud nine where every minute detail is carefully curated to fit the lifestyle of an individual who has a taste for the finer things in life. The suite goes along the conception of such opulence with clean lines and a contemporary design approach. The ambience created is much like an indulged stay waiting after a long day exploring around the city or a business meeting has ended.

The door opens with a beep and the lights at the hallway automatically switched on. Operated with a smart home system, the suite’s security is left in the safe hands of a reliable electronic butler. The shoe rack is placed on either sides of the full-length mirror while the centre conceals a storage space to store away household products. Equipped with sensor lighting system, anytime a door is opened, it illuminates making it easy for one to reach for a pair of shoes or more.

As one walks down the hallway, the suite is revelled for its breath-taking cityscapes view as one take a good glance around. Brightly-lit, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lighting to fill the space with its radiance. As a matter of fact, the suite is inspired by the play of sun throughout the day.

The warmth drop of sunlight is like a touch of heaven, exuding its tranquillity within the luxurious vibes. Thus, the designer decided to work with the beautiful summery wood tones which dominates the entire palette. The living space and the home office are positioned on an elevated and curved red elm hand crafted natural timber flooring with UV coating and EO board. A splendid idea, the raised deck not only establishes hierarchy within the space but the play of height certainly creates overlooking views, a memorable picture.

Made to impress, the elm wood veneer cabinet with UV coating and EO board at the home office flatters as the feature foreground, where it is arrayed in certain arrangement resulting a shelf display of uneven pocket spaces that is one-of-its-kind. A collection of vintage vinyl records, books, and CDs reveals that the homeowner has a penchant for old-world glamour, and an appreciation for uniqueness that is unparalleled.

Chiselled from a solid timber strip, the angular, modern or almost boomerang-shaped work table is bespoke to complement the scene and it is definitely unique as no two timber strips are identical. Combining with luxury marble texture and palette to the wood tone, the office table, which is study and dependable, depicts two different functions from one to the other. The owner’s workstation would lean towards to the left with the armchair prepared. Whilst the other end is opened for any unplanned work discussions.

Well, all work and no play makes one a dull person. The living space spreads out, ensuring comfort with the beige couch, ottoman, coffee table, expensive carpet and the various colours of throws adorning break time over a good television show. Keeping up with schedule, delicious food and meals awaits at the stunning sliver platinum marble island that a segment of it is cut, making dine-in gratifying with ardour fellowship.

Utilising the light’s reflective surface, the light-weight shelves designed in tea colour PVD coating stainless steel and corrugated glass hover above the kitchen island. It does not just stop there when the matching glass cabinets stands at the side reveals a collection of exquisite items be it tableware or memorabilia from exotic locales. It is evident from the fine collection of liquor and alcohol that lines the shelves of this cabinet that the homeowner enjoys hosting gathering amongst family, friends, and peers. The kitchen’s wash and cook area then follows suit, sprucely taking its place on the remaining stretch of the space.

The master bedroom scheme in simplicity is maximised by having the wooden wall as its main structure that holds the bed in place which comes with concealed cabinets, a full-length mirror and a side table attached. The rectangular cut-out on the wall is aesthetically corrugated and fitted with light fixtures for the owner to catch up with a good bedtime reading.

Keeping it luxurious to the end, marble dominates the bathroom and in addition to that there are many envious finishing to the bathroom which may result in more time sent marvelling the space. Glass doors are partitioned to separate the shower and the toilet WC area but to retain privacy while at the throne, a special wood veneer laminated glass is installed. By doing so, it prevents fungus from growing and brings a warmer tone to balance the coolness from the marble. Textured glass in a bluish hue keeps the room cool while showering.

To do without the powder room would be a bandwagon disaster. Part of the walk-in dresser, the powder room allows the habitants to dress up in glamour while enjoying the city skyline. With an enormous mirror occupying one part of the wall, the couple can get a full-length’s view of their profile or it can be the perfect backdrop for a selfie before hitting town. Instead of a few nights stay, this suite is a sojourn that lasts for a lifetime.

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