twist on it! Scandi-industrial Concept

twist on it! Scandi-industrial Concept

The mix of 2 world, natural and men-made, wood and concrete, warm and cool.

The structure and background are to be kept white and clean while the furniture are highlighted with natural and earthy color. The subtle color scheme allows the space to be much wider while allowing the natural light to be easily transmitted through out the living spaces. While earthy tone accent color are used to give the space more warm and comfortable feel.

The build in furniture are designed to be functional and subtle in mind. the living space are designed to be the center of the house. We have connected dry kitchen with the living area and kids playing area, this is done to ensure the whole family are always connected and interacted with each other daily.

All these elements combined have allowed the users of the space – the owners life’s to be the main characters of the their own home.

  • Completion year:
  • Construction Time Frame:
    12 weeks
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