Urban Retreat Villa

Urban Retreat Villa

The design ideas inspired by the perfect fusion between oriental elegance and modern tropical stylishness. In order to achieve tropical feels, lots of natural elements such as wood panelling, timber louvre, stone and plants to be incorporates into the overall design. Marbles with their warm, solid and natural textures producing an oriental-style elegant ambience in space. We mainly use earth tone colour scheme to exploring the calm and luxurious feel of the overall interior.

Once entering the house, foyer, living, dining and kitchen area are presented as a one big open space which form a continuous flow of space for maximum spatial and visual connectivity. With the addition of a new high-level window, this space draws light deep into the core of the house and creates a powerful visual connection between the dining and dry kitchen areas on the ground floor and the corridors of the upper floors.

Semi-indoor courtyard has been an eye-catching space of the house. The lush greenery that can see beyond the windows keeping the vibe earthy and organic. 

Master bedroom area to be planning as hotel suite ideas. Multifunctional zone to be classified for owner to creates the perfect spot for working and relaxing. 

  • Completion year:
    Sep 2021
  • Construction Time Frame:
  • Design Concept:
    Modern Tropical Mix Oriental
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