The Haven

The Haven

More than ever, as a place where you often escape after the stress of work, our homes need to function as a calming haven and help us recharge from the day.

To bring a calm and coziness, the entire spaces are decided with combination of wood elements and different shades of gray color. Upon entry, the impressive continuous wood element carries up across the wall, into cabinetry and even across ceiling is a well-balanced design exploring the coziness yet warmth feel.

Different shades of gray color alternating texture element and material patches such as bold lines, texture paint, marble/stone cladding, gray mirror, wallpaper, and soft furnishing to lead a striking touch and quiet sophistication to this cozy space. 

Without doubt, these color shades add a touch of calming while exuding a sense of contemporary timeless to our everyday living lifestyle.

  • Completion year:
    May 2021
  • Construction Time Frame:
    6 Weeks
  • Design Concept:
    Sleek Contemporary
  • Category: