MyeongDong Topokki . Setia City Mall

MyeongDong Topokki . Setia City Mall

Korea Street Culture

Myeongdong is one of the popular district features street food paradise in Seoul, South Korea.

Building from the idea of “Myeongdong Street”, elements of food cart, canopy, metal frame, neon lights and graphic were brought in to provide a nightlife atmosphere through the spaces.

Neon lighting puts off a nostalgic mood and feeling the presence of art in the restaurant. It is also a great way for giving highlight to ceiling and wall. Graphic poster and canopy were applied to fill up the walls yet creating the street stall vibes like “Pojangmacha” (small tented spot at the streetside that sell a variety of street foods in South Korea) .

The design goal was for people to experience the Korea street food in a night market ambience without stamping your passport.

  • Completion year:
  • Construction Time Frame:
    10 Days & Area Size: 785sf
  • Design Concept:
    Korea Street Culture
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