Contrast of Style . A New Way of Life

Contrast of Style . A New Way of Life

A design start form a giving an area that utilizes two shades on opposite ends of the color wheel which create an impact. Putting two contrasting textures together adds visual weight to the space which the components of design will be able to draw the attention more easily.

Considering the husband and wife have different preferable designs, modern dark and earth tone, thus we come out with an idea to mix and match different elements, materials and colors to show the contrast of texture.

Foyer area proposed to be darker color tone as to match with husband’s preferences. Darker tones are almost naturally more dramatic and effortlessly cool, so we add layered lighting to display cabinet to lighten up the area else the area may appear dank and depressing. A combination of wood and mirror creates an instant impact wall for the area once entering the house. Besides, an abstract mural on the feature wall provides some decoration, it fluid shapes pleasing but not distracting to the eye.

Living area is entirely an open plan filled with a combination of earthy palette and marble finishing which match with wife’s preferences. Natural sunlight plays an important role to present the glossy surface of marble finish backdrop. Ceiling light strips make the area looks sharp and bright despite its simple and plain plaster ceiling.

Small dry kitchen area is sharing the similar color theme with foyer area, modern dark concept to differentiate both dining and living area. Black cabinets surround the dry kitchen area, comes with a stripe of hexagon wood backsplash and exposed shelving provides a place for display.

Moving onto home studio for the husband and wife to work from home, the area cuts straight to the point and doesn’t clutter the design with unnecessary décor. As to showcase husband’s photography hobby, we have proposed a feature wall with momento paint finishing and decorated with photos frame to stand out in the entire space.

Earth tone rules the master bedroom as well, soft mood lighting illuminates the greyish fabric and wood finish. Simple and clean cut walk-in wardrobe design is more to greyish tones which match with master bedroom. Rough accent and mosaic tiles with warm lighting sharing a similar color tone make this bathroom a little more welcoming and more conductive to a relaxing bath.

To satisfy two daughters’ preferences on color selections, blend in two contrasting colors: tiffany blue and pink together with cool grey color to balance the entire space.

  • Completion year:
  • Construction Time Frame:
    6 weeks & Area Size: 1594sf + 1300sf
  • Design Concept:
    Contrast of Style. A New Way of Life
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