My Mishaltit Malaysia

My Mishaltit Malaysia

The interior design of My Mishaltit Restaurant attracts those who love graffiti art in a family friendly atmosphere, and welcomes the free spirited style indoors with creative and colourful flair, creating an oasis in the city.

The high ceiling in My Mishaltit Restaurant is the perfect place to lightbox the name of the restaurant to create that classy retro look. Despite the modern design, we also made use of real wood tables to make this restaurant interior glow with sophistication.

The latest trend in restaurant design is to incorporate two types of floor finishing so guests can enjoy one of a kind experience.

Our team of designers included a unique and attractive idea -- huge Zip design to decor the jug that is used to serve food, offering customers a positive experience even before they taste the food. The open kitchen delivers a sense of confidence and cleanliness.

The design concept is simple yet impressive, bringing the urban street atmosphere indoor in the fast casual style food environment. The graffiti art with cement and metal finish in the walls take customers to the streets of Tel Aviv and delivers a sense of elegance and relaxation.

This amazing design allows the customers to enjoy the food while relaxing and having a great time. The atmosphere is great to stimulate creativity, and to hang out with friends and family. Inside My Mishaltit Restaurant, you will find a vibrant street art culture.

Completed project designed and built by inD' Design.

  • Completion year:
  • Construction Time Frame:
    8 weeks & Area size: 1900sf
  • Design Concept:
    Grafitti Art
  • Category: