Elegance in Simplicity

An office spaces encouraging collaboration & communication, while maintaining both brand and company culture at the design’s core, leaving a good impression on clients. Our brief on this office was to design a space where flexibility, privacy and the feeling of intimacy were present.


The design incorporates collaborative areas and private zone to the right balance of visibility and privacy. Reception, waiting area and training room are categorized as collaborative areas where allow for specific groups to interact without the confines of traditional walls yet provide a sense of seclusion within an open environment. The materials we used were mainly fabric effects wallpaper with bronze stainless steel trimmings, marble, carpet flooring and corrugated wave board. The overall feel is sleek, chic and elegant with natural tones and we feel that this project has a unique blend of luxury, intimacy, and function.


Coming in to the general working areas, existing ceiling of the building is exposed combined with the dark grey painted sub-constructional elements an lighting units to help with spaciousness of the area which is in the limits of maximize use on employee count-wise. The entire impression of luxury with the wooden baffles is carried at the directors’ room and the overall effect is magnified and highlighted along its wall with the use of materials like wood, bronze stainless steel skirting and carpet flooring. 

Completion year


Construction Time Frame

8 Weeks & Area Size: 4400sf

Design Concept

Elegance In Simplicity