Urban Luxury Sleek Contemporary

Inspired by the play of the sun throughout the daily hours, we fully utilize light reflective surface and noble materials palette in combination with clean, modern lines of the furniture elements and wooden shades dominated colour palette.

The combination of different beige, grey and ivory nuances starts from the foyer of the home, exploring the calm and luxurious feel of the design. The entire spaces are decided with shinning bronze, marble and hand scraped surface timber floor which reflect the light beautifully. Different textural patches and alternating wooden, brass or marble cladding of walls represent the different functional zones of the spacious living premise. Yet wooden cladding ceiling, wallpaper and custom made furniture add warn caramel colour sparkle and organic feel to the materials composition.

Last but not least, besides aesthetic, environmental friendly material ion paint, real wood and formaldehyde coating is the sign of care from us to our client to ensure the healthiest , safest , freshest air for exhilarating living space.

Completion year

February 2020

Construction Time Frame

8 Weeks & Area : 2088sf

Design Concept

Urban Luxury Sleek Contemporary