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Our clients are our raison d’etre. And nothing is more heartwarming to hear the honest comments from our clients, both local and international.

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Positive: Professionalism

Excellent service and design is satisfied


Edmund Loo

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Our company, Smoothie Factory International, and our master franchise partners in over 20 countries have been working with inD'finity Design since 2015 for our store designs. inD'finity design is a five star design company with incredibly talented store designers and the recipients of many design awards. They have been very easy to work with, and capture exactly what we are looking for in store designs for the Smoothie Factory brand - no matter which country we operate. They listen to our ideas, ask questions about what we are trying to accomplish, and then solve all of our issues. We could not be happier with the outcome of their work over the years.

Prior to working with inD'finity Design, our company worked with many design companies. However, none of these offered the talent, detailed work, and innovative store designs (delivered at affordable prices and on time) like inD'finity Design. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend inD'finity Design to any individual or brand.


James Villasana

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Highly recommend D’ruma for home renovation. Darren’s team did an amazing job from the designing stage through to the renovation stage. What I liked most was that my ID Yanmin would listen to what we wanted, which was important for us and also offer really good suggestions eg. Lighting, style of cupboards.


Kerry Tsim

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Overall, it is an awesome experience with the team. The designers are well-trained and very knowledgeable. They handled my concerns and problems flawlessly, even after handover. InD’finity design score perfect 10 when it comes to quality and value. Highly recommended to everyone.


890 sqft | 粉红小家 by d' Ruma

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It's been a pleasure working with Darren and team at InD'finity Design. They truly make magic happen with their work and creativity. I'm a repeat customer and I will continue to use their services for all my future design needs. Thank you guys for the amazing job you do and look forward to working with you on my next project.



Smoothie Factory Qatar

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Overall, the services that I received was above average. But I must say the outstanding and professional team gave me a perfect overall design proposal presentation. They also handled all my concerns pretty well. I think that its worth the price although they handover a bit late. I would totally recommend others to contact Indfinity Design.


Contrast of Style . A New Way of Life

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In conclusion, I think that indfinity had done a great job from starting to the end. The design that they gave me was impressive and they definitely helped me to deal with the problem that I faced. Nonetheless, they are a group of professional and well-trained designers. Although, the price is on the higher side, but I think that it was totally worth it.


Functional Significance

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I must say that the service provided by indfinity was perfect. The designers are well-trained and willing to take their time to listen and solve my concern. Moreover, they are also polite and helpful. Not only that, the proposal that they submitted to me are quite up my alley. It was definitely worth the value and of course I would rate indfinity 5 out of 5!


Young Concept Condo

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Wow, I can’t thank more enough for Indfinity Design. The service that the company provides is perfect. The designers are experienced and patient enough to spend time listening to my request. Moreover, they always settle my problem quickly and professionally. The quality of the materials and workmanship are top-notch. Lastly, I am also amazed by the cleanliness and tidiness when they showed me the final work. All in all, this is definitely worth its value.


Urban Luxury Sleek Contemporary

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I'm very satisfied with my experience with InD, and very pleased with the design concept presented to me. Very impressed with their knowledge in interior design, and the willingness to spend the time interacting with me whenever I have any concerns/question. The final work is very good, including the workmanship and material quality.


Smoothie Factory at Sunway Velocity Mall

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Once again, I thank Indfinity for delivering the fantastic work! Everything is done to perfection. Bravo! The material used and workmanship is very quality, the team is very professional in handling any of my concerns. I am very satisfied in every stage, from beginning stage (ideas, presentation) till final work delivery.


Boustead Travel . Phase I

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Overall, I'd give Indfinity Design an A. The project done is completely worth its value! I'm also very happy with the way Indfinity interact and follow up with me, and solve my every single concern which is very professional. Besides the great final work, I am also impressed with the cleanliness & tidiness when the final work is delivered.


Boustead Travel . Phase II

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Great job, InDfinity! I'm highly satisfied with every aspect of services provided to me, and also the final work. I would rate every aspect A+. The project done is very much worth the money. Finally, the InDfinity team is especially attentive in resolving all my concerns and questions, and closely follow up with me in every single aspect, from start until the end.


My Mishaltit Malaysia

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It's a pleasure working with InD’finity. The overall services and work quality are great. I'm very satisfied with the concepts and design, and like the design proposal presentation in particular. I'm very happy with my new home now. I think the design fees charged are worth its value.


Mr Chong