Wellous Holdings Sdn Bhd . Energetic Space with eco-friendly charm I

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Wellous Holdings Sdn Bhd . Energetic Space with eco-friendly charm I

Wellous is a Malaysian multi-functional food distributor founded in 2016. The latest property to join their portfolio is an impressive 6,500 sq ft office designed for the next generation of global superstars. It is an energetic and eco-friendly workplace, with different shades of green that are the company colours that further accentuate the eco-friendly environment.

As one walks into the building, the entrance corridor feels like setting foot inside a secret semi-private place, achieved with polycarbonate dividers enhanced with lighting effects. The surrounding columns in the office double as lights and are finished with customised metal strips representing trees.

The workstations for co-workers are spacious and comfortable. They are divided by carpeted walkways and frosted glass partitions. Evergreen Indoor plants are strategically spread out on the bureau. You can see them hanging out together in planter boxes and hanging from the ceiling. It is the perfect blend of civilisation and nature in an urban working space.

The Manager’s Room is inspiring, with burnt orange and green coloured walls giving a feeling of warmth and assurance. Stirring modern art decorates the walls. One is of a unique tree designed with frosted film glass and patterned stickers to represent it. In other parts of the room, writing wall stickers bring out the positivity of the place. Mother Nature is very close by, bringing her comfort in a planter box filled with indoor plants, carefully built-in with a sliding door.

The Pantry Area is a great place to take a short break in between work. Simultaneously comfortable and calming, lounge in a modernday bistro surrounded by raw-finished plywood ceiling panels and jazzy tinctures of gold and bronze inlays. It is a voguish speakeasy with a splendid headroom to initiate conversations and perhaps some tête-à-tête.

Next to the Lounge Area is the toilet corridor. Continuous linear lighting carries across the wall to the ceiling, with distorted mirrors adding a fun element to the design.

An office of fun is bound to inspire success..

  • Completion year:
  • Construction Time Frame:
    12 Weeks
  • Design Concept:
    Energetic + Industrial
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