Energetic Space with eco-friendly charm . I

Energetic Space with eco-friendly charm . I

This office is designed for a team of younger individuals. To bring modern aesthetic with a sense of energy, the entire space is decided with combination of raw materials and neutral palette.

A curve shaped reception counter, curving strip feature backdrop panels to create more welcoming and it is also a way to lead people in.

The lounge area is characterized with darker color shades pairing with few striking colors, and alternating elements such as gold, bronze inlay. The entire space imbues a sense of energy yet understated luxury.

The open working zone is open ceiling which painted black and a striking burnt orange color use as overall open space highlighted and match with different ceiling panel pattern.

A large green elements; hanging plant goes through working space, bring warmth and make the space friendly toward to user. Thus, strip elements, fun circle features, metal wire mesh, texture paint and neutral color palette to lead a striking to this space. Without doubt, these combinations of color shades and elements add a touch of energetic yet youthfulness.

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    Energetic + Industrial
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